Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Passing One

#7 Cairo, NY

I imagine I'm a streak of rain slicker yellow as I pass the cyclist. It's good to be at speed in this heat, and although less efficient, the wind makes the humidity just a little more bearable. After being on a wheel for a while you start to desire other scenery. That was then, now you're winding through a dense forest with no traffic except your own wheels humming along the blacktop. I glance back and catch a glimpse of a solo rider disappearing behind a curve in the road, turn and pedal on.
When was the last time you applied sunblock?
The voice in my head is persistent and finally I pull the stick from the handlebar bag and hastily streak it across my face in 4 places, then one more across the back of my neck. I put the top back on the stick and the stick back in the bag. I glance behind me, no one. Using my hand I rub the streaks of sunblock into my skin trying to smear it for maximum coverage and minimum obtrusively.

I glance behind me again. This whole process of applying sunblock has slowed me down. I look at the queue sheet. Next road Ski Bowl Road, did I miss it? I slow a bit more and glance back again at an empty road. I stop. I wasn't going that fast. Did I miss a turn? I pull my phone out and look at a map with my GPS location on it. I scroll for the road. A black and red streak zip by me. I hurry to throw my phone into my handlebar bag and give chase.